Candidate will be required to pass a background check prior to teaching.
Applicant may request a preliminary review of background from TEA.
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A core element of strengthening the middle class is building stronger schools. Over the past seven years, President Obama has invested more in our schools, provided flexibility from one-size-fits-all mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act, and supported school reforms across the country. Today, as President Obama signs the Every Student Succeeds Act, he is releasing a report that summarizes the progress the country’s schools have made since 2008.

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The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and TAKS have created a paradigm shift in the way we educate our children in Texas. The educational goals which are mentioned below can now become reality, provided that teachers receive the appropriate training by professionals. The professionals can model and guide the teacher candidates to acquire the knowledge and skills that effective classroom teachers possess to:

About Us

  • Educate all children
  • Provide for individual differences
  • Create strategic readers, writers, independent thinkers, and problem solvers
  • Give students the necessary knowledge and skills to able them to become independent learners

Sample of Certificates Offered.

These are a small example of certificates offered by Teachers for the 21st Century A.C.P.
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  • Generalist Early Childhood – 4th Grade or Bilingual Early Childhood
  • Generalist Early Childhood – 6th Grade or Bilingual Early Childhood
  • Generalist Grades 4th – 8th or Bilingual 4th – 8th
  • English, Language Arts and Reading 4th – 8th Grade
  • English, Language Arts and Reading 8th – 12th
  • Math Grades 4th – 8th
  • Math Grades 8th – 12th
  • Science Grades 4th – 8th
  • Science Grades 8th – 12th
  • Social Studies Grades 4th – 8th
  • Social Studies Graded 8th – 12th

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