Our core values.


The vision of the program is to give every child in our schools the opportunity to live a quality and rewarding life as a result of a quality Early Childhood through 12th grade education.


The mission of the program is to prepare teacher candidates with the pedagogical knowledge and skills/strong subject matter knowledge to make sure that every student succeeds.


The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and STAAR have created a paradigm shift in the way we educate our children in Texas. The educational goals which are mentioned below can now become reality, provided that teachers receive the appropriate training by professionals. The professionals can model and guide the teacher candidates to acquire the knowledge and skills that effective classroom teachers possess to:

  • Educate all children.
  • Provide for individual differences.
  • Create strategic readers.
  • Create strategic writers.
  • Create independent thinkers.
  • Create problem solvers.
  • Give students the necessary knowledge and skills to able them to become independent learners.


Through collaborative planning and goal-setting, it has been established that our Teachers For The 21st Century Program will achieve the following:

  • A high quality and ongoing mentoring relationship between intern and a master teacher.
  • Strong preparation in subject content areas, as well as educational and pedagogical methods.
  • Collaboration among high performing educators, partnering with area school districts, and intern teachers.
  • Increase of multicultural diversity and effective ACP teachers.
  • Hands-on teaching and learning in realistic classroom setting prior to permanent placement.