Teacher candidates will attend classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings (5:00 pm – 9:00 pm), Saturdays (9:00 am – 3:00 pm). Classes will be held at 6455 Hiller St. Suite A-2. The lead trainer, Margarita Guerry, will be teaching the course. The pre-service training will be approximately 21 weeks of classroom instruction plus 30 clock hours of field experience plus 50 clock hours of staff development during the internship.

Clinical Teaching 14 weeks for a full day or 28 weeks of half a day as a teacher of record.

Tuesday and Thursday evening classes will be used to instruct teacher candidates on pedagogical theories and teaching strategies.

Saturday classes will be used to help teacher candidates establish a connection between theory and practice. The lead trainer will model teaching strategies to teacher candidates in a classroom setting.

Internship — Internships start once a teacher candidate secures a job in a school district. During the internship, the program intern should accrue 50 clock hours professional development which is provided by school districts.

Teacher candidates will be prepared to secure a job as a full-time EC through 12th grade teacher of record under an intern or probationary certificate in one of the nine districts in the El Paso area. Interns will also avail themselves of any district offered in-service held during this semester.

Teacher candidates with an intern certificate will be observed five times during their internship of ten-months.  These visits will allow the program mentor to model and guide the intern.

Post Internship—-May of 2006 & Beyond
The second year of mentoring will be conducted upon request by the program teacher.


You can be fully certified in clinical teaching in 14 weeks full time or 24 weeks part-time rather than the full year of internship if you have met the program requirements and have passed the TExES.

Selection Criteria for Clinical Teachers/Students

Program students who have circumstances that are beyond their control:

    1. Military personnel or their spouses
    2. Program students who have not obtained employment for two or three consecutive years in a school as a teacher of record and/or student candidates who companies or their spouses have been transferred to another state or country.
    3. Program students who have completed 21 weeks of classroom instruction and 30 clock hours of field experience.
    4. Program students who passed all mandated Pearson Content  and Pedagogy tests for their initial certification.
    5. Students who are able to pay the $5,555.00 cost of the Program after the 14 weeks as a teacher of record.